What is Discovery Informatics

The synergies between advances in computing and advances in science open the doors to exciting research agendas in computer science. Scientific questions have motivated computer science research in many areas including distributed sensor networks, high-end computing, distributed systems, scalable databases, statistical and data mining algorithms, computer networks and the web itself. Scientists have now the means to collect and process unprecedented amounts of data to understand phenomena that could not be studied before, from climate change to social networks to phylogenetics.

A new community of Discovery Informatics is emerging to understand the role of information and intelligent systems research in improving and innovating scientific processes in ways that will accelerate discoveries. Although computing has become central to science, there are important hallmarks in the 21st century that remain largely unaddressed and where AI research plays a central role.

First, discovery processes are increasingly complex and broader in scope. They generic cialis cheap remain largely human driven, and human cognitive limitations have become a bottleneck. New approaches are needed to address this complexity.

Second, data must be connected more closely than ever to the models of the phenomena under study. The current separation of models and data is hurting our ability to test and improve models. We must improve our understanding of how to link data with models of the phenomena under study.

Third, science is an increasingly social endeavor. Recent systems enable citizen volunteers to contribute large amounts of data, annotations, or complex processing results that result in scientific discoveries. We need to design new approaches to harness human abilities in all forms to contribute to science.

Discovery Informatics focuses on computing advances aimed at identifying scientific discovery processes that require knowledge assimilation and reasoning, and applying principles of intelligent computing and information systems in http://www.gulfcoastretirement.org/admin/generic/ order to understand, automate, improve, and innovate any aspects of those processes.

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